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Children's Place Inc. (doing business as The Children's Place) is an American specialty retailer of children’s apparel and accessories. The company also markets apparel under the Children's Place, Place, Baby Place, and Gymboree brand names.As of October 31, 2015, the Company operated 955 stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, an online store at

Marie angrily mentioned, "I bought 2 shoes yesterday in The Children's Place in Vaughan Mills.. The other one no tag so they just write with pen on the receipt.. Then when I got home the other one not fit to my daughter so today I decided to change the size.. I told the cashier that I change the size of the shoes and I also got the size that I need. So she get the receipt and told me why in the receipt no tag but the shoes have tag.. I explain to her that yesterday the other one has no tag but the one is fit to my youngest daughter., Then the other lady came and ask me if change the size. I said yes.. Then she leave and bring my receipt and the shoes.."


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"No staff, received no Raises for the past 3 years, was the only one who would show up"

Former Employee - Anonymous Position says

"Notoriously fickle leadership at corporate. Ridiculous time and money spent on the “flavor of the day” whether a new project, idea, org structure that are abandoned just as fast as they are furiously created. Meetings are tense and you are put on the spot and then openly demeaned when giving an unsatisfactory response. Abusive behavior is tolerated and even encouraged by leaders. Many mean girls in power, no allegiance to each other or the company. Culture of aggression, intimidation and fear. You can’t be sure if you can trust anyone. CEO is hostile and enjoys bullying people, especially with an audience. Constantly demands immediate action of their pet-peeves and demands it be done asap. Lots of time spent jumping through hoops on pet projects instead of your real job. Astoundingly high turnover, frequent reorgs and layoffs cost the company time, money and expertise. 
 Design leadership has no real creative standards or commitment to creating the best work or inspiring great designs to make the Place brand the best. It’s the same old designs rehashed year after year, or new designs that are below average or even downright bad. Designs are approved on the whim of leadership that wants everything done in a rush, then very meanly and openly criticizes the work, only to change their minds the next day. Be prepared for regular criticism, no compliments, and seeing your work or ideas being passed off as someone else’s. What happened to the Children’s Place of 7 or 8 years ago? Gone, slowly degraded by the current leadership."

Former Employee - Team Lead says

"have to push credit cards, the store manager was very rude with some customers and employees, doesn't work with school schedule"

Former Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"No assistance from upper management, they don’t pay well, no work to life balance, they do not train properly, the ASM position was taken away, so they basically wanted to give me minimum wage with ASM duties and responsibilities, didn’t get my PTO when I left, no holiday pay, this list could go on and on."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Rude Customers and Rude manager"

Former Employee - Director says

"Very detailed management style by senior leadership"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work life balance, extremely difficult environment, lack of respect for employees"

Current Employee - Associate Sourcing Manager says

"No room to grow further"

Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"No company culture, active human rights violations, no respect for employee questions or concerns about practices, no PTO payout, no real benefits, less pay than most other retailers, constant restructuring as they are fully saturated and are now cutting costs constantly"

Former Employee - Management says

"Pay rate. No benefits. Work load"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The company expects miracles with a ridiculous budget. A typical day starts off with almost no staff. Too many conference calls that pull you from your job. Very old school way of running a company. noneToo many"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"So many jobs out there this shouldn’t be an option unless you are desperate. You make your sick hours but never can use them, also sometimes a three hour shift ? Not even worth driving there AssociatesManager"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"No work/life balance. No clear direction from DM. Cookie cutter policies and procedures that not even HR follows. No support at all. Would actually change my hours in the system do it wouldn’t show how many hours I was working.NoneAll aspects of the job."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"The store manager at the Florence location is one of the most unprofessional people I habe ever worked with. She only gave hoirs to the employees she befriended no matter their work ethic or capability. She always came in hours late or not at all leaving one peraon to man the entire store alone which was against protocol due to high foot traffic and theft. If you love working with customers this is a good fit.Pay and managment make it not worth it."

Lead Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It sucks. Literally. Poor management. Unprofessional as heck! Everyone will talk about you and belittle you. There’s no sense of trust or encouragement from the people who work there. Unorganized. Just a mess.FlexibilityA lot"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Manager is the worst manager I ever had in my life. She’ll yell at you in front of customers. She needs to learn how to talk to her employees. You’ll only get one day of work a week. Don’t expect to get a lot of hours unless you get a lot of credit cards"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was the most horrible company I have ever worked for. So unprofessional and just disrespectful to it’s employees. If you have any self respect for yourself please don’t work here. District Manager was a huge joke and very cut throat as so is your surrounding stores.NothingEverything"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"If you want/need a job at and need extra money don't work here. It is a very messy environment. It's all women and all the do is talk about you. Even the manager is rude and very disrespectful."

Sales Associate (Part-time) says

"This was the WORST place that I have ever worked. Nepotism is alive and well at the Morrow location. I would never recommend this place to anyone nor would I ever work here again. The place was a CIRCUS. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.."

District Manager (Former Employee) says

"Although there are a few great people that work for this organization I would not recommend this as a great place to work. In the five years that I spent here there was never any time spent on listening to the field. It is very much a do as I say organization."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"if you would like to fold the same table of clothes for the whole shift this is a great job for you also if you would like to deal with Dinosaur computers then this will also be the job for you with unfair hours and poor employee treatment"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"I had my hr changed so check would be less I had nobody show up so worked 13 hr shift by myself. I do not recommend this place for employment they don’t promote and don’t give raises and at my location Arden fair Sacramento there very racist."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Workers talk about each other negatively , the higher ups are so disrespectful and immature. Very uncomfortable place to work at! The pay is way to low for what is expected and the environment is uncomfortable .juncomfortable .Beautiful children and familiesUncomfortable work environment"

Picker (Former Employee) says

"The leads on night shift forget they aren't cops anymore and treat the staff like prisoners. The warehouse isn't a prison and you aren't a cop so stop acting like it. The schedule sucks. Its either feast or famine. Raises are few and far between and they will hire just about anyone. Just don't. Nothing you do will ever be good enough and the supervisor upstairs on night shift will call you names.Nothing.Every single thing."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"When I first started at The Children's Place, the Manager was transferring locations leaving the Assistant Manager (AM) in charge. The AM (I hope she still isn't there) was one of the worst people I've ever had to deal with. I was a full-time university student with limited availability but still worked 3-4 times a week. Unfortunately, a lot of my availability was night time, and the AM would knowingly schedule myself to close with her for a ride home.. which by the way I never wanted to offer but felt obligated to do as I wanted hours. She lived about 20 mins out of the way, and she would purposely count the tills slow so she would miss her bus. In about 3 months, I probably drove her home 10 times. Now, when you weren't dealing with customers, you were expected to keep busy. One Saturday, I was scheduled on cash, no one was there so I decided to start folding/organizing. The AM very loudly and rudely yelled at me over the headset, in front of a staff size of maybe 8-10, belittling me and calling me inappropriate names. When I discussed this with other staff, apparently I wasn't the only one having issues. We then all brought this to the attention of the DM who had a discussion with the AM and told us that if this happens again, report it. Soon after I left without warning or notice, anywhere would be better than that store at that location."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Amount of hours given were terrible. Weeks where I couldn't work because the wasn't enough hours. Only was able to work 4 hours throughout the biweekly pay period."

Sales Associate/Lead (Former Employee) says

"I worked here as a part time-full time lead and my days always started and ended in total chaos. The company asks you to do one thing then the next day asks you to do something COMPLETELY different. Keep in mind they don't give you enough hours to work before or after hours so you are moving the ENTIRE store while you have customers walking around. They also want you to be able to shove as much product out on the floor as you can, even if that means completely ignoring any ADA requirements! Don't forget that they want you to rearrange the entire store (this includes shelves and displays), process shipment, attend to customers, sell credit cards, complete customer online orders, etc -- all with only 2 employees in the store at a time. AWFUL COMPANY! DO NOT DO IT."

Associate Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a job that is stable, enjoyable to go to or respect for the work you do, this job is not for you. The pay is not equal to the amount of work they expect from you. No matter how long you are there or how hard you work, there is no pay raises. There are no hours for work so if you only want 4 to 12 hours a week this might be good for you."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Store manager Are not given the tool proper tools to complete the task of running and Profitable store! Store managers for this company are completely overworked and under paid! There is no such thing as a work life balance for a store manager"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"Horrible district manager, and to top it off my last manage decided to start cutting my hours for no reason and i know i was a pretty good worker, which there was no reason for her to do that. They do NOT care for their employees only if they make day i was there sales lead so i got the good scoop from their company. DO NOT WORK HERE!"

semira says

"I ordered online from The Children's place on December 28, 2020, clothes worth $92, and got a confirmation from them on December 29th. They sent in two packages. The first package says delivered front door in US on Jan 4th, 2021, which address nobody knows. I contacted Ups about why I couldn't get my package they said, ups sure post (USPS) is responsible. When I contacted the post office, they don't have any clue about the package. I contacted the children's place customer service, the line is busy all the time I tried. I am really upset about it. No one is willing to help. I never read reviews before ordering, so many have the same experience as I did. I was their customer. It is not fair for getting people money and playing with them. I will never purchase anything from them again. Unfair!!"

Justi Tracy says

"We received an item with the security tag still attached and I reached out to corporate to see if I could simply return, as a children’s place isn’t something we have locally. I emailed December 9th and received a response December 18. The response just said to take it to a children’s place. It’s just a $7 pair of jeans but now I know just to not shop here. Waiting 9 days to get a reply that didn’t actually read my whole message was enough to tell me what I needed to know."

Dawn Carlisle says

"The one star is because they shipped one out of 10! Tracking stopped Dec12 “In transit, Running late.” Here it is a week later and nothing. Unable to reach anyone at Children’s Place. Crappy service!!!!"

Rosmery Cubilete says

"Please stay away from online ordering. These people have no type of courtesy or customer service. I ordered online and they delivered the order but someone stole the order from my porch. I called them and even spoke to a "supervisor" but that was useless. They won't offer any help and will not replace the missing order. I lost my money and my order."

Ashley Petersen says

"I placed an order and my 6 items were shipped in 3 different packages. An item was missing in one of the packages. I emailed 2x within 6 days. No response. I called customer service and the automation said it was inundated with calls and hung up! I called 5x before talking to a live person. Great customer service would have said I’ll have that item shipped right out. Instead they said I’ll credit your acct. and I’d have to pay for shipping again.... so I had them refund me for the missing item. My first and last time purchasing from this store."

Maggie Godinez says

"First and foremost I don’t know why they offer curbside pick up if you can’t actually do that. Every item I clicked on I was informed could not be picked up. I’m 7 months pregnant and didn’t want to go to the store. Then I look to see if my order has been shipped, and I noticed that there’s trouble with one item and an item canceled, yet I was NEVER sent any communication, in regards to that.However my card was still charged and for what? I use to gift cards that covers the price since they canceled an item without explanation. My order has been processing for FIVE DAYS NOW and I’ve been informed there’s nothing I can do to get more information until 10 days pass. It’s ridiculous this was purchased for Christmas and I doubt it will arrive before now."

Lovely says

"I placed an order with children’s place and it says my products was delivered on 12/1/2020 and I haven’t seen anything through the mail. I tried contacting them by phone and by email and no one has gotten back to me. This happen to me last year also. My last time ordering from them online."

Jami Fairbanks says

"I have ordered before and never had a problem. This year however, I have placed 2 large orders only to have them cancelled for no good reason. I contacted them via email and their reasoning was that the order did not "meet their criteria." Not only did I waste hours of my time shopping on their website, but I missed out on other Black Friday deals thinking that I had purchased everything I needed for Christmas! When I call the Customer Service number, it just kicks me out stating that they are experiencing high call volume. What company does that?!!! I would be willing to hold however it seems that they aren't willing to deal with unsatisfied customers. I understand that COVID is impacting companies however, there are better ways to go about helping your customers! Too bad! I liked their company. I will not order from them again!"

customer says

"Do not order from this company. I placed an order on 10/23/2029. I received a shipment notification on 10/28/2020 that the package was ready for shipment. I called on 11/04/2020 about USPS not receiving my package for shipment and was asked to wait until the following Monday. No worries there. On 11/09/2020 my package is still in “pre-shipment status” and has not been received by the Usps. I was told by John #C75958 to wait until Nov 30th for Usps to receive my package. He later said I needed to wait until 10/23. One month from order date for Usps to receive my package. This was echoed by the “supervisor”, Juan #C79099 and John the “manager” #C19144. I was told I would need to email to speak with anyone else about my issue. Having to wait 30 days for a package to go from their warehouse to USPS is asinine. I once was such a big fan of this company and ordered all of my sons clothes from them, I will not be ordering from The Children’s place or their other brands from this point forward and I urge you the same unless you have money to just give away and prefer to support companies with non-existent customer service."

Hana says

"I have nothing to say about the system of this place but “ridiculous.” I never bothered to come to their page on trustpilot but I felt compelled this time and was expecting a low rating and looks like I have the same complaint as the others. And it makes every sense. I placed an order on August 9, 2020 of two baby girl dresses and a pair of baby boy shoes. Right after that, I realized that I ordered the wrong size so I went back to my orders to see if I could change or cancel the order and nope, no such options. Then I called their customer service but it was out of their office hours. Then I emailed their customer services asking how can I cancel my order? Next day I called their customer service within office hours lest they ship my package before I get an email back. The lady over the phone was helpful (or so I thought) and after some time, she said something like she placed a request for order cancellation, and within 24 hrs I should get an email confirming the cancellation and if not I should call them again. Guess what, next day I get an email confirming that my order was shipped. I was like okay fine I’ll just go to the store to return it (the closest store to me is a 25-min drive btw). When the order arrives, the shoes which costs about $15 are actually CRIB shoes, not for actual walking. The description says “Baby Boys Hi Top Sneakers” and how would I know they are crib shoes?! I was not happy but whatever, I would go return it at the store. I forgot about the items sitting in my closet for a while. Until, until I get an email from their customer service on SEPTEMBER 2ND, telling me what? —>”Thank you for your email. A Customer Care Specialist will get back to you soon. For your reference, your Case Number is....” After about 2 weeks of me receiving the order and Over 3 weeks of sending them an email, they finally decided to tell me that got my email and will get back to me. After this I was beyond enraged and felt i had to go write a review on trustpilot now. I’ve made one purchase last year around this time and it arrived on time and I had no issue so I was under the impression that this company operates normally like others. Their items are good quality, but why are they doing business like this??"

Unhappy Momma says

"Horrible customer support, I ordered early sept, my order was split into three with the bulk being in the third missing order, calling their support is garbage as it's an automated system that just disconnects everytime because of "high volume" I called my closest store front location for help and they basically said I was SOL. Will take my business else where from now on. Update: the rest of my order arrived yesterday 11.13.2020, having to wait 8 weeks for a package that tracking showed as in my city for 6 weeks previous is horrible. The package arrived with tears in the bag and quite damaged as well, good thing all the items were still in it. Also would lile to point out that I received the order past the returnable date on the invoice by a week."

Erin James says

"Haven't received 2 purchases made at the beginning of the month. The tracking info seems to show both purchases are lost? They just haven't left NJ where the company is based. And their phone line just disconnects you because they're busy!"

Merlin Gonzalez says

"Their "buy online, pick up in store" is a complete failure. Do not waste your time and energy. First order I paid online got to the store just to know my items were not in stock, while it said online they had them. They were supposed to secure my items since they were paid for. Second order, two days pasted, didn't get the email stating my order was ready so I headed to the store anyway. They told me my order wasn't ready to be picked up, so I went to shelve, grabbed the 2 backpacks and lunch box and paid them in store. It took them more than 2 days to do that. They have not respect for their customers nor they can commit to their word. This company is a joke."

Michelle says

"I placed an order on September 18th. It took a week before I even received an email stating that The Children's Place had received my order. I waited a few more days and reached out to customer care to ask where my order was and when it might ever ship. No response was ever sent. I finally received confirmation that my order had shipped and the tracking showed it would be delivered on September 26th. Well that date came and went with no delivery. No, order status updates. No, hey sorry we are delayed. Nothing!! Radio silence. I reached out again to customer service to ask where my order was and I still to this day have received no response to my first or second email. I finally found out my order would be delivered on October 3rd by checking the tracking myself. Again no delivery as promised. So I checked the tracking and once again it states the package will be late. I now have placed a third email to the The Children's Place. I seriously doubt they will ever respond. I also contacted Comenity to cancel my 'The Children's Place' credit card. This will be my first and last order with The Children's Place. It's not even so much the ridiculous shipping times or the missed delivery dates. It's really the lack of customer care. Their prices are cheap! I'd assume their clothes are probably about the same quality as is their customer care, but I can't comment since I don't have anything 16 days later. Lower quality clothing is what I fully expected and was willing to accept for play clothes. I just kind of expected to actually receive something for my money. Parents looking for children's clothing ..... Rest assured your order would arrive quicker if you had someone start from strips of fabric, hand sew the items and then ship them by car from China. Order anywhere else."

Heather Alexander says

"Well, second and last time I will order from the children's place. My second order was for my son's birthday gifts, placed order and received email that my order shipped 5 days later with an arrival date of the day before birthday. Perfect, except it never arrived. Contacted the children's place and received a new email stating being sent to another address. Waited 20 min to talk to them on phone about my order/address. 20 minutes later, they told me they had the correct address, it just never shipped and blamed COVID and "their rights to have increased time to process." Now told to wait 5 more days and to call them if I still did not receive, then they will attempt to help me. Wow! Worst customer service ever, she was repeating a cue card over and over in response to my questions that it is "their right to have ample time to get the package sent... just like it is my right to NEVER give them my business again. You know, amazon uses USPS during COVID too, yet they still manage to get me what I paid for and has a customer service that attempts to help. Just saying... goodbye TCP!"

Ashley Newman says

"DO NOT order from them online. HORRIBLE customer service. I have been using them for years and never had an issue until I went to place a order last week and noticed that as soon as I hit “place order” my total JUMPED up $25 and every price in the cart changed. I immediately called them about the issue and after some serious arguing about it, finally got the person to cancel the order. The pending charge on my account came off and I thought all was good. Until 5 days later they RE CHARGED my account! When I called back they said the order was never cancelled and there’s nothing they can do. The tracking number they gave me leads nowhere and I can’t get my money back unless my package decides to show up. I have never been so disgusted by a company’s customer service in my life. Save yourself the stress and order from anywhere else."

Brenda Propes says

"I placed an order on 9/24/2020 and two of my granddaughters items came in of the eight ordered for her birthday. I have called four times and told if I was patient they would be there. Granddaughters birthday came and went on October 11 with no order. Come on three weeks is not acceptable. Today I’d October 15th and still not here. I have order from them for several years and this is really bad service. I have received Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, and Tractor Supply orders recently just fine so what’s up with the Children’s Place?"

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